Saturday Six with Ivan Belcic 1/25/2020
Welcome to another Saturday Six, this time with Invisible Oranges contributor Ivan Belcic. In addition to some fine purchases from Bandcamp which you'll see below, Ivan is involved in two music projects; Kosmogyr and Barren Branches, so check them out if you need some more music!

Reckless Spring is the third full-length album of driving and melodic emo-tinged punk from the Ontario-based Wayfarer. I've been a fan of these guys since their 2016 EP Three Winters, at which point I immediately bought everything in their back catalogue. Reckless Spring is their most recent offering and showcases their blend of propulsive, hook-driven songwriting and earnest, introspective lyrics at full potency.

I'm used to hearing Déhà in the context of his monolithic doom band Slow - so when he dropped this impeccable post-punk record, I was floored. It's melodic and light, yet it's got blast beats and screams, and it feels classic yet somehow also contemporary. I love Slow, but I also hope Déhà's got more where this came from.

Back when I was in college, I was given a collection of four MP3s called B.C.E.P. by Lawrence, Kansas band Black Christmas. Since then, it's been a mainstay in my rotation, and just recently, I learned that the group had dropped another release in 2014 - By Way of Decay - and I've fallen back in love with them. It features re-recorded versions of three older tracks plus a bunch of new songs as well, all in their vein of sinister and haunting instrumental post-rock.

Lo! - Koala Fundraiser T-shirt All profits from this shirt by Sydney post-hardcore sludgemasters Lo! are going to WIRES Emergency Fund for Wildlife to help out with the recent wildfires in Australia. The shirt features beautiful artwork by vocalist Sam Dillon and also comes with a digital download of their fantastic record Vestigial - my 2017 album of the year. Cop sick threads, help cute koalas, enjoy amazing tunes.

I'm tempted to say nothing at all about the brilliance that is A Boat on the Sea, if only to avoid spoiling your first impression of this enthralling record from Moron Police. It's endearing, it's cheerful and upbeat, it's impeccably written and performed, and it's a delightfully sardonic yet meaningfully sincere skewering of our contemporary political institutions and the international relationships between them. Don't read any reviews, just go in blind and experience it for yourself.

Weather the bleakest of winters with the soaring post-black metal of Waldgeflüster as your steadfast companion. Reaching nearly an hour in length, the band's fifth full-length record is urgent in its channeling of the unceasing melancholy that accompanies the mercilessly dark Central European winters. For those who find seasonal depression to be a genuine struggle, let Mondscheinsonaten be your lifeline.

If you'd like to talk about some of the albums you recently purchased, shoot me an email ( and let's talk!