Saturday Six with Matt Hinch 4/25/2020

A long time figure in the Canadian rock scene (Change of Heart, Bionic, C'mon, Public Animal, literally dozens of others, produced 100s) dropped this solo masterpiece last year. High energy, psychedelic, rockin metal that makes you feel good all over. I saw him open for Ecstatic Vision and Brant Bjork last year and it was probably the best show I've ever attended. I also sat beside him and said hi. But that was it. I don't talk to artists well!

You may know his name as the cello player in Leprous but this solo release is off-the-charts mesmerizing. Absolutely gorgeous and miles better than Apocalyptica!

I got into Shooting Guns back in 2012 but somehow I missed this 2014 release until my pal, Mike Huck bought it for me for Christmas (from my wishlist). Their Prairie-driven, instrumental, heavy psych, stoner rock never fails to satisfy!

The first in a trio of 20 Buck Spin releases I picked up during their Black Friday sale. I shouldn't have to tell you how awesome Immortal Bird is. Blackened deathgrind at its finest!

My favourite album of 2019 (list still unpublished). Every song on this makes my bust out the air guitar and let the metal flow through me!

One of the hottest death metal bands on the planet just keeps pumping out the quality. Nasty, heavy, technical (but not too technical), and primed to blow speakers.

If you'd like to talk about some of the albums you recently purchased, shoot me an email ( and let's talk!