Saturday Six with Jesse Gardner 5/9/2020

Here are six albums that Jesse Gardner has purchased on Bandcamp.

Excellent jazz versions of tunes you'd otherwise know as Black Sabbath. Lot of good here, but I absolutely lost it at 'Iron Man'. I even had to replay it a second time immediately once I had composed myself: it's very unexpected, even if you're told to expect something unusual.

Cascadian black metal being actually from 'Cascadia'. The preview track is very good and shows growth over the last excellent WTEIM release. It's almost sure to get a lot more notice following its release on May 8, 2020.

An earlier selection. Methodical sludgy death metal that knows when to go up-tempo before reining it in again. Every comparison to any other OSDM band you've read elsewhere is very true.

An extremely apt band name. More need not be said.

I tend to wish list everything put out by Pest Productions automatically, and I'm never disappointed. Some like this one had to grow on me a bit, but when they click they click solidly.

Another one of those Pest Productions automatic wish-list items. Not a grower though: both sides of the Split announce exactly what they're about immediately, and stick with it for better or worse. Leaning 'better', though.

If you'd like to talk about some of the albums you recently purchased, shoot me an email ( and let's talk!