How to Join the #MetalBandcampgiftclub Birthday Club

neatoThe #MetalBandcampgiftclub community is a generous one, buying albums for friends and complete strangers alike. If you’d like to experience that love, join the Birthday Club by joining our Birthday Club Email List.

Having problems with that link? Send your name, birthday (DD/MM format), your Bandcamp wishlist URL, and a link to an album or song you discovered on Bandcamp that you looooove, to me: seth@metalbandcampgift.club

Every time there’s a birthday you’ll get an email, and it would be highly wonderful if the first email you get you gifted someone an album!

Then when your birthday rolls around, an email will go out with a link to your wishlist, and hopefully a few people buy you an album or two!

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Another Mystery Birthday Wishlist

Yes, we’re keeping it anonymous, at least until you click the link. But getting your butt to Bandcamp is the challenge, especially given the circumstances we’re all dealing with in the world. We’re super stoked you trust us with a *BLIND LINK* so we’ll keep up our end of growing this project so you can find and / or gift more great music.


Doing Monday’s Right

It’s the first birthday in April, can you believe it? It feels like our last email was 12 years ago, but here we are.

Today’s birthday is again shrouded in mystery, as it fuels the spirit of curiosity and adventure. How many times per week do you click a link blindly? But like a team-building exercise where you fall backwards into your cohorts arms, you click a link and dive into an unknown collection of (usually) metal releases. Prepare to be delighted.

Tip your delivery person 50%, find ways to support your local record store, wear a mask, stay home. 

Double the Birthday Fun!

We made it to the halfway point of another week, which we’ve done a million times before, but this one is different. We’re all staying in our homes, eating our snacks, and wondering what the heck is next.

But right now we celebrate two birthdays – again, not saying who, you just gotta click here or here. Either link could reward you with your new favorite album of 2020, or a long past gem from 2003, who knows?

Help spread the word about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – tell your pal from 6′ away, message it to the person at work who likes cats, write the URL on a banana and leave it somewhere. Use this link: http://eepurl.com/gP1P4Pt

Make this Monday Count

The start of another week, and we have no idea what it’ll bring. What we do know is that we have a birthday today, and their wishlist contains 58 items. Wouldn’t it be a treat to get that down to 50?

[ Click here for the wishlist ]

Again, the name is a mystery, because each day is an unknown. Click to that wishlist and you may find your new favorite band, an old album, or rediscover something from the past decade.

Help spread the word about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – tell your friends in a Zoom chat, text a friend who used to see at shows quite often, just please stay the fuck home. Use this link: http://eepurl.com/gP1P4Pt

This Tuesday is Gonna be Okay

Why do we even do a silly thing like Metal Bandcamp Gift Club during such a chaotic time? Because we can’t lose art and culture and music. We’re allowed to have things that get us through the tough times, and for a lot of us that’s metal music.

Today’s wishlist is again anonymous – just click over to a finely curated wishlist of 125 release and see if you can find it in your hear to gift and album, or even find something for yourself. Either way, bands are selling music, and they need all the help they can get right now.

Help spread the word about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – email your friends, mention it in a Slack channel, post it on social media and let people know about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – just use this link: http://eepurl.com/gP1P4Pt

Friday Mystery Wishlist

What a week, huh? Lots of tours cancelled, meaning lots of bands, technicians, merch sales folks, venues… their way to make a living now up in smoke. Absolutely tragic.

What can we do? Buy music. Buy shirts. Buy some records.

Today we have a birthday, and again, I’m not saying who, because it doesn’t matter. This person celebrates another year on planet earth, and hand-selected 97 releases for their wishlist. As always, gift an album, or buy something for yourself. All that will go a long way.

Help spread the word about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – get your accountant involved, tell your drummer, let that cutie at the bike shop know about the Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – send them this link! http://eepurl.com/gP1P4Pt

Another Birthday for someone Unknown!

Why not keep this anonymous until you click the link? Another day, another birthday which presents another opportunity to send a digital music gift to someone you might not even know!

Take a chance, today – simply click on this mysterious link to a wishlist and discover some new music, and if you’re feeling fresh go ahead and gift an album!

Help spread the word about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – let your mechanic know, tell your drummer, shout at Alexa until you’re blue in the face – send them this link! http://eepurl.com/gP1P4Pt

Two Late and Mysterious Birthdays

There were two birthdays yesterday, on March 10th, and somehow I missed them both!

Alas, these two people still exist on planet earth and we can still hook them up with digital goodies. Better yet, I’m not even telling you who they are, you’re going to have to doll the dice and click!

Help spread the word about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – tell your friend at roller derby practice, invite that pal from the music shop, tell the cutie at the coffee shop – send them this link: http://eepurl.com/gP1P4Pt

Happy Birthday Hera Vida

🎁A happy weekend birthday to Hera Vidal, possessor of a 188 item Bandcamp wishlist. Hover over a release and click “send as a gift,” or just find something nice for yourself. Either way, music is discovered and adored, and the world is a better place.

Help spread the word about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club – tell the dude at the guitar shop, your friends at the skatepark, that new buddy you made at the stoner metal show on a Tuesday night – send them this link: >http://eepurl.com/gP1P4Pt

Happy Birthday Sander

🎁Wish a happy birthday to Echoes & Dust metal editor and reviewer Sander! His wishlist contains a scant 12 items, so let’s see if we can get it to zero in the next 24 hours (or at least find some good tunes from his collection).

Implore your friends to spend way too much time on Bandcamp, combing through obscure metal sub-genres and new releases from multiple international time zones – send them this link: http://eepurl.com/gP1P4Pt