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Metal Bandcamp Gift Club was founded back in 2016, and has lived mostly on Twitter.

In late 2019 it has moved primarly to a newsletter format, with a Twitter account (@MetalBCgiftclub) mostly to build the email list.

Why move away from Twitter? Harassment, trolls, abuse, nazis, etc.

10/15/2021: Spooky season! And some minor updates to the site.

9/6/2021: Moving back to this old school HTML static site!

11/1/2020: Cleaned up the site, hi!

7/1/2020: YES! Together we raised $1,425.29 for legal and bail funds!

6/10/2020: We're raised (over $1,100 for bail and legal funds).

Raised over $500 for Girls' Rock Camps in February
LINKS: Metal, Hardcore, Grind, Doom, Post Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, Death Metal, Thrash, Crossover

You can only sponsor our email list by donating $100 to your nearest Girls Rock Camp and sending us the receipt via email. If you're interested, or have questions, please email me: seth@metalbandcampgift.club

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📅 Some notable albums that came out in October over the years:

'Terra Sola' by Rosetta, released October 1, 2019 
'Beyond The Permafrost' by Skeletonwitch, released October 2, 2007
'New Bermuda' by Deafheaven, released October 2, 2015 
'American Don' by Don Caballero, released October 3, 2000 
'Terminal Threshold' by Dysrhythmia, released October 4, 2019 
'Primal Future: 2019' by Toxic Holocaust, released October 4, 2019 *
'Deserted' by Gatecreeper, released October 4, 2019 *
'Electric Messiah' by High On Fire, released October 5, 2018 *
'Doubt' by King Woman, released October 6, 2014 
'Nightbringers' by The Black Dahlia Murder, released October 6, 2017 
'Curse Of Conception' by Spirit Adrift, released October 6, 2017 
'DRAWING CIRCLES' by TEXTURES, released October 7, 2014
'While They Were Sleeping' by Candiria, released October 7, 2016 
'Sonoran Depravation' by Gatecreeper, released October 7, 2016  
'Considered Dead' by Gorguts, released October 9, 2021
'All We Love We Leave Behind' by Converge, released October 9, 2012 
'The Parallax II: Future Sequence' by Between the Buried and Me, released October 9, 2012 
'Primeval' by Venom Prison, released October 9, 2020 
'Grievances' by Kowloon Walled City, released October 9, 2015 
'For Respect' by Don Caballero, released October 10, 1993 
'Evil Never Dies' by Toxic Holocaust, released October 10, 2003 
'A Senile Animal' by Melvins, released October 10, 2006
'Young & Beautiful' by The Armed, released October 11, 2011
'The Last Rager' by Municipal Waste, released October 11, 2019
'Forever Abomination' by Skeletonwitch, released October 11, 2011
'Terrifyer' by Pig Destroyer, released October 12. 2004
'S/T' by Crowbar, released October 12, 1993
'Blue Record' by Baroness, released October 13, 2009 
'THE WAY OF ALL FLESH' by GOJIRA, released October 13, 2008
'Crisis In Utopia' by Holy Grail, released October 26, 2010
'Only Ghosts' by Red Fang, released October 14, 2016 
'Auto' by Super Unison, released October 14, 2016 
'Dissociation' by Dillinger Escape Plan, released October 14, 2016 
'Whales and Leeches' by Red Fang, released October 15, 2013 
'The Conscious Seed of Light' by Rivers of Nihil, released October 15, 2013
'Grand Blood' by Doomriders, released October 15, 2013
'Catch for us the Foxes' by mewithoutYou, released October 15, 2004
'Valonielu' by Oranssi Pazuzu, released October 15, 2013
'Lightless Walk' by Cult Leader, released October 16, 2015
'Enlightened In Eternity' by Spirit Adrift, released October 16, 2020 
'Heartwork' by Carcass, released October 18, 1993
'Axe To Fall' by Converge, released October 20, 2009
'Geneva' by Russian Circles, released October 20, 2009 
'Abigai'l by King Diamond released October 21, 1987
'Hunted' by Khemmis, released October 21, 2016 

* Disclaimer: I worked with the labels / publicists who released these albums
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