Bands Talking about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club

On January 26th, at 9:30pm EST Jeremiah will be talking to members of bands like Clouds Collide, Slaves BC, Mortals, Old Thunder,  Void Ritual, Twilight Fauna, and more all about #MetalBandcampgiftclub, and the impact it’s had on their music.

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[UPDATE: here is the video]

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First Hangout was a Success

The very first Google Hangout happened tonight, filled with a wonderful cast of characters. We all shared our favorite albums, and fun #MetalBandcampgiftclub stories that warmed our hearts.

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Broken Amp Economics Lesson

Our friends at Broken Amp make dollars and “sense” (hah!) of the power behind #MetalBandcampgiftclub.

“To delve into some simple economics for a second, this has an impact on the wider scale. The more money circulating within the metal “industry”, the less squeaks in the cogs turning. The more fans invest in their bands, the more these bands can plow money into merch, into tours, into creating new music. If a band goes on tour, they can team up with other bands, which spreads the money further. It brings money to venues who book these bands and see a return on concert tickets, because more people know the bands coming through town. It brings money to labels who actually need it (many of the albums sold through MBGC are of smaller artists and labels). In short, this is what keeps music afloat.”

Read the rest of the feature over at Broken Amp.

Everyone Involved Benefits

Our pal Steff Vogeler sums up #MetalBandcampgiftclub pretty well in a post she recently wrote:

“This isn’t a dreadful hashtag marketing campaign shat out by a faceless corporation – if it were, we’d have spat on it like the advertisement-weary humans we are. This is all us, and everyone involved benefits.”

Bands, fans, and our pals at Bandcamp benefit.

Toilet Ov Hell explains #MetalBandcampgiftclub

Our pal CELTIC FROSTY (@CelticFrosty) has an excellent and nicely detailed write-up of #MetalBandcampgiftclub:

“Seeing the direct effect of your support for a band is a rare and exhilarating thing, and it’s motivating more and more metal (or just music) fans to join in on the fun every day. Since I’ve been participating, I’ve received twice as many albums as I’ve given, and quite a few of those have been from complete strangers that I’ve since gotten to know through social media.”

Read the rest of ‘What’s the Deal With #MetalBandCampGiftClub?‘ over at Toilet Ov Hell!

#MetalBandcampgiftclub Loves other Genres

We got this email recently, and figured it’s a good question to share with everyone:

The Metal Bandcamp Gift Club is one of the coolest things I have ever seen hatched on Twitter. I’m definitely a metal head, but I also like stuff from other genres. I want to step outside of metal realm and gift people other genres of music as well, because I like the idea so much. My question to MetalBandcampGiftClub is: Do I still use the #metalbandcampgiftclub hashtag? Is that the metal thing to do, or does that undermine what you are trying to accomplish?

There’s really no rules, but it’d be fun to include the #MetalBandcampgiftclub hashtag just so people see where it sort of “came from.” And also, because fellow metalheads would probably like seeing the music, too! A lot of us listen to other genres of music, with metal being our “home,” but we still love so much other music!

What #MetalBandcampgiftclub means to Frank

Frank Santorelli shares his story with Inhale the Heavy, and how he was almost ready to quit Twitter!

“You want to know my favorite part of #MetalBandcampGiftClub? It’s the regular, daily interaction with many of these new people who I am now following. The metal community on social media is becoming closer. In real life I am a loner. I have very few friends. Twitter has become my hangout while I’m drinking a glass of scotch and petting my puppy, JD. You all have become my friends. That may sound silly to some, but to me, it’s been a great experience.”

That’s how #MetalBandcampgiftclub started – lots of conversations, meeting at shows, going out to dinner – and that’s how it’ll keep going. Read the rest over at Inhale the Heavy.