2019 In Review

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Elijah Nelson of Black Breath Passed Away


ELIJAH NELSON screen grab

At just 40 years old, Elijah Nelson of Black Breath may no longer be with us, but he certainly left behind some good vibes:

“Incredibly proud to have known this awesome dude for the short time he was around.”

“I knew Elijah. He was a top-notch human.”

“Rest In Peace to true rocker and a wonderfully genuine and kind dude. Always a pleasure when we’d cross paths.”

“I met him briefly at a Black Breath show in London, smoked a joint with him outside and he was the nicest, most humble dude.”

“I worked with him for about a year at Everyday Music back in 07-08 and he was one of my favorite coworkers of all time. A one-of-a-kind goofball metalhead.”

Turns out he was a pretty good pinball player, too, according to this interview in 2013 with SCION.


Elijah sounds like a stellar human being who just wanted to play pinball and hang out. Not fair that he’s gone from this earth so young.

If you haven’t listened to their 2015 album “Slaves Beyond Death” in awhile, you should do that tonight.

Happy Winter Solstice

Hello, metal friend. Happy Winter solstice. My this day be filled with candles, good smells, strong coffee, and loud music.

🎁 The URL that I had on file for today’s birthday is broken – ooops! With that, here are the birthdays we’ve had this month.

Happy Birthday, Sean Barry

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 9.57.45 PM

Today is Sean Barry’s birthday, so hit his wishlist which is loaded with bands like the body, Wormlust, Okilly Dokilly and lots more (over 50 albums in all). Even if you can’t gift an album today, you can always add something to your own wishlist. And since this is a blog post, and you might see this many weeks or months from now, you can still gift Sean an album at any time!

Thank you, eOne Heavy!

ampOur thanks to eOne Heavy* for sponsoring the email newsletter today (you can see it here). They’ve had some killer releases this year including Creeping Death, Toxic Holocaust, Lord Dying, Enterprise Earth, The Contortionist, and tons more! Check out all their recent releases on Bandcamp.

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