Knocked Loose Raised almost $10,000 for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

knocked loose

Knocked Loose donated almost $10,000 to Kentucky’s Center for Women and Families, in memory of Tiffany Tomerlin. They raised the money by offering a special edition shirt through their website back in October, 2019.

This blew our expectations out of the water. We are so grateful for any and every one that helped by purchasing or sharing the post, you helped spread awareness on a topic that often is forgotten and it will impact so many. From every single one of us, thank you!

knocked loose shirt


Don’t ever believe there’s no money out there for things like this. With so much marketing and advertising and media in the world it’s hard to keep up. Never feel guilty when you see a fundraiser going on and you can’t lend any support. That just means today you can’t. Maybe next week you’ll be able to help, or next month. There’s always going to be a need, and you can help when the time is right!

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