Donate Gear to your Local Girls Rock Camp

neatoIn the corner of my room was my unused bass. Sitting in its gig bag, it gathered dust. It wasn’t doing anything for anyone.

So I donated it to Lehigh Valley Girls Rock, a great organization that is “dedicated to empowering girls, women, and trans & nonbinary folks through music and art.”

In the same way that buying albums for absolute strangers feels nice, giving away unused equipment feels great, too. Sure, maybe I’ll use it again someday, but in the meantime, that donation creates energy and enthusiasm for everyone involved.

I walked away feeling good, and the program director was stoked, too.

If you’ve got some equipment laying around that you aren’t using, reach out to your local music camp and see if they could use it. They might even sell it and use the money, which is great, too.

Maybe you’re active in your local music scene; talk to that local org and see what they need. Those rock camps need food, equipment, supplies; you and your trusty band might be able to gather up a bunch of those things, and that could be a huge help!


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