Saturday Six with Ken Kopija


Our second Saturday Six, this time with Inhale the Heavy editor in chief Ken Kopija. Keeping with the spirit of Metal Bandcamp Gift Club, we celebrate the support of artists and their music, and we use this feature as a means of promoting good tunes and hoping you discover something new, and possibly becoming a fan!

1. Body Void/Keeper Split (vinyl) – Anxious to hear this new Body Void
track. They are one of my favorite bands, and I absolutely love
everything they have done so far. Heavy as fuck! I’ve heard of Keeper,
but I am not familiar with their sound, so this will be a surprise.

2. Body Void/Keeper Split (cassette) – See above.

3. The Satyr’s Path by Sky Shadow Obelisk – My brother in heavy Peter
Scartabello is the sole member of Sky Shadow Obelisk. Vocals, guitars,
bass, keyboards, drums. All Peter. He also recorded, mixed and
released it on his label Yuggoth Records. Great metal here.

4. The Diving Bell by Chrome Ghost – Melodic doom/sludge band from
Sacramento. I was turned on to them after reading a tweet from Body
Void’s Will Ryan – thanks, Will!

5. Jitter Visions by Cup – I purchased the vinyl version of this
release having never even heard of the band. It’s called “jitter
spasm,” pressed on coke bottle clear and purple vinyl. It sure is nice
to look at. Then I found out that Kelsey Chapstick is the drummer, so
that was pretty cool.

6. This Will Kill That by The Joy Thieves – A fine collaborative
industrial project featuring members of Ministry, Stabbing Westward,
The Machines of Loving Grace, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and
more. Produced and engineered by my friend and former co-worker James
Scott at Populist Recording. He also plays bass in the band and sings
lead on the track, “Honeycomb and Silk.”

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