Stream It a Lot? Buy It.

Helpful advice from Inlander:

Nowhere else in life do we consume without giving something back. You pay the local baker for bread. You pay the local brewery for beer. You even pay Fred Meyer for socks. Why shouldn’t you pay a fair price for that 10-song album that’s already given you hours of enjoyment and promises more to come? It’s a small price to pay to not only support the artist, but to show appreciation for their craft. (But not as small as what Spotify pays per stream.)

For me, Ithaca’sThe Language Of Injury,’ ‘Under the World‘ from VOWWS, and ‘
Victor Jara – Duerme, Duerme Negrito (Billy Caso Edit)‘ by Billy Caso are purchases I’ve made because I streamed them well over five times.

To many #MetalBandcampgiftclub fans, a lot of the advice from ‘In 2020, be sure to support the people and places that soundtrack our lives‘ is pretty obvious, but it’s always good to read an article like this, just to reinforce our support of the music we love!

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