The Move to Email

ampThe original premise for #MetalBandcampgiftclub was born on Twitter. This was back in 2016, when social media was a bit different than it is today.

Whenever there was a birthday, a Tweet would go out, with a link to a Bandcamp wishlist.

Well, Twitter is a bit different today. Some of those folks from back then aren’t doing so much social media these days. I’m sure you know a few people who’ve left Facebook, or only use Instagram.

That’s why I moved a lot of the action to an email list. And if you don’t check your email for a week, that’s okay. Eventually you’ll find our birthday emails. No rush! Try doing that when stepping away from Twitter for just a few hours.

So first, make sure you get on our Birthday Club email list by clicking here (if you have problems with that site, send your name, birthday in MONTH / DAY format, your Bandcamp wishlist URL, and a link to an album or song you discovered on Bandcamp that you looooove, to me:

After all that, sit back and when an email comes in, open it up and think about buying an album for someone you don’t know. It’s a small act of kindness, a kind gesture, some positive energy in the world that makes a handful of people smile. Pretty metal, right?

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