Saturday Six with Peter K

0016052521_41Welcome to another installment of Saturday Six, where friends of Metal Bandcamp Gift Club share a bit about a recent six albums they purchased on Bandcamp.

Kind of like the “What’s in My Bag?” feature that Amoeba Music does, but without having to leave the house and find parking.

This week we feature Peter K, who recently celebrated a birthday here at Metal Bandcamp Gift Club! Peter writes about metal over at The Metal Wanderlust, and is also a part of the Horns Up Podcast – he knows a thing or two about metal tunes.

Discord, “Blood, Sweat and Grind” – When was the last time you heard a grindcore band from Nepal? Don’t think twice, add this album to your cart.

Transcending Obscurity, “Label Sampler 2020” – 52 tracks, mostly unreleased material from bands signed to Indian label, Transcending Obscurity. Something for fans of all sub-genres of metal.

Priests of Prometheus, “Lodestar” – Promising debut from American old school death metal duo.

Nox Irea, “Here the dead live” – Ferocious death metal from the French act featuring members of Catacomb and Affliction Gate.

Bednja, “Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas” – Black metal and hardcore make strange bedfellows but somehow these Croatians have put together a seamless sound with a haunting atmosphere.

Modern Rituals, “This is the History” – A break from extreme metal. Catchy alternative rock. If the singles are any indicator this album is another winner from Holy Roar.

If you’d like to talk about some of the albums you recently purchased, shoot me an email ( and let’s talk!

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