Buying and Owning Music is Still a Good Idea in 2020

Some good bits of wisdom from this article, ‘Prepper-style music hoarding,’ by Tom MacWright.

The best place to buy music is Bandcamp. It’s fair to bands and customers. They have a real and sustainable business model. They do essentially everything right: it’s easy to download music in a variety of formats, you can re-download tracks if you lose them, and you can stream music too.

I remember becoming frustrated with managing my iTunes collection, especially when Rdio (hah, remember that site?), had everything ordered perfectly, with all the proper artwork and release dates. But like Tom points mentions, what happens when (not if) a label or distributor pulls their catalog?

Will it become the opposite of streaming now? Where you have to subscribe to certain services to have access to exclusive content, but even more gross? What happens when one of your favorite labels is only on Spotify, but you’re an Apple Music user?

Read more here.

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