Happy Birthday Bekki!

It’s Bekki’s birthday today, so do a dance! Her wishlist has almost 50 albums on it, ranging from Ex-Gold from Louisville, KY to Pissed Jeans from Allentown, PA (hey, that’s my neck of the woods)! Do you best today and fill her inbox with a ton of digital goodies, and if you can’t afford it (we all totally understand), check out some of the music from her wishlist – maybe you’ll find something you like!

Happy Birthday to Jayson and Chuck!

Today we’ve got two birthdays, so it’s twice as nice! Pick one, or both, and give an album from their wishlist on their special day – what’s more fun that that?

Jayson S’s wishlist has almost 400 releases, including Barren Branches, Crone, SUNN 0))) and plenty more.

Chuck OGB’s wishlist has just about 170 items, including The Ruins Of Beverast, Elder, Car Bomb and more.

Happy Birthday to John Higham

John Higham_2

Go check out John Higham’s Bandcamp Wishlist, with just over 666 releases jammed in there. Music from KITE, Void Ritual, Candy, and more, even if you can’t gift an album today, you can at least find something new to jam!

Have you told a friend of loved about Metal Bandcamp Gift Club? Send them this link (http://eepurl.com/gP1P4P) so that they can receive these wonderful emails, too!

More emails, more albums sold, more good energy goes around.

Happy Winter Solstice

Hello, metal friend. Happy Winter solstice. My this day be filled with candles, good smells, strong coffee, and loud music.

🎁 The URL that I had on file for today’s birthday is broken – ooops! With that, here are the birthdays we’ve had this month.

Happy Birthday, Sean Barry

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 9.57.45 PM

Today is Sean Barry’s birthday, so hit his wishlist which is loaded with bands like the body, Wormlust, Okilly Dokilly and lots more (over 50 albums in all). Even if you can’t gift an album today, you can always add something to your own wishlist. And since this is a blog post, and you might see this many weeks or months from now, you can still gift Sean an album at any time!