The Move to Email

ampThe original premise for #MetalBandcampgiftclub was born on Twitter. This was back in 2016, when social media was a bit different than it is today.

Whenever there was a birthday, a Tweet would go out, with a link to a Bandcamp wishlist.

Well, Twitter is a bit different today. Some of those folks from back then aren’t doing so much social media these days. I’m sure you know a few people who’ve left Facebook, or only use Instagram.

That’s why I moved a lot of the action to an email list. And if you don’t check your email for a week, that’s okay. Eventually you’ll find our birthday emails. No rush! Try doing that when stepping away from Twitter for just a few hours.

So first, make sure you get on our Birthday Club email list by clicking here (if you have problems with that site, send your name, birthday in MONTH / DAY format, your Bandcamp wishlist URL, and a link to an album or song you discovered on Bandcamp that you looooove, to me:

After all that, sit back and when an email comes in, open it up and think about buying an album for someone you don’t know. It’s a small act of kindness, a kind gesture, some positive energy in the world that makes a handful of people smile. Pretty metal, right?

We Don’t Want Your Money, but You Can Still Sponsor our Email Newsletter

ampYes, you can sponsor our email newsletter. No, we won’t take your money.

When you gift an album to someone, Bandcamp takes a small cut, and the rest goes to the band or label. We’re doing this work over here because we like encouraging people to buy music. We’re donating our time to something we care about!

The newsletter goes out to people who are interesting in a wild thing; buying albums, sometimes for complete strangers.

So to sponsor our email list, go to our signup page and see the # of subscribers. Today (11/9/2019) it’s at 52 subscribers. The subscriber count is how many dollars is cost to sponsor one email. So today it would cost $52.

Again, we won’t take your money.

Donate the money to your nearest Girls Rock Camp (or the one near me), and send us the receipt. That’s how you can sponsor our email newsletter.

You’ll also be mentioned in our Tweets when the email goes out, and we’ll write a nice blog post about your generous donation.

Get in touch:

Late Birthday Wishlists

ampOOOPS, we’ve missed some birthday Tweets since August 25th, so if you’d like to be wonderful and buy some albums for some folks, please click a link below and send some late birthday goodies.

Be sure to join our Birthday Club email list by clicking here!

How to Join the #MetalBandcampgiftclub Birthday Club

neatoThe #MetalBandcampgiftclub community is a generous one, buying albums for friends and complete strangers alike. If you’d like to experience that love, join the Birthday Club by joining our Birthday Club Email List.

Having problems with that link? Send your name, birthday (DD/MM format), your Bandcamp wishlist URL, and a link to an album or song you discovered on Bandcamp that you looooove, to me:

Every time there’s a birthday you’ll get an email, and it would be highly wonderful if the first email you get you gifted someone an album!

Then when your birthday rolls around, an email will go out with a link to your wishlist, and hopefully a few people buy you an album or two!

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#MetalBandcampgiftclub Loves other Genres

We got this email recently, and figured it’s a good question to share with everyone:

The Metal Bandcamp Gift Club is one of the coolest things I have ever seen hatched on Twitter. I’m definitely a metal head, but I also like stuff from other genres. I want to step outside of metal realm and gift people other genres of music as well, because I like the idea so much. My question to MetalBandcampGiftClub is: Do I still use the #metalbandcampgiftclub hashtag? Is that the metal thing to do, or does that undermine what you are trying to accomplish?

There’s really no rules, but it’d be fun to include the #MetalBandcampgiftclub hashtag just so people see where it sort of “came from.” And also, because fellow metalheads would probably like seeing the music, too! A lot of us listen to other genres of music, with metal being our “home,” but we still love so much other music!

What is Metal Band Camp Gift Club?

Lindsey over at Scrap Yard Zine was the first to write about it in ‘#NiceMetalTwitter and the creation of #MetalBandCampGiftClub.’

Using Bandcamp’s fan account, anyone can create a wishlist by favoriting artists, albums, labels, etc. MetalBandCampGiftClub members buy, at random, an album for a someone else. From there, you pay it forward, buying an album for someone else.

Make sure you have a Fan account on BandCamp (sign up here). Then find people to follow (here is a list of people I follow), check out their Wishlist (here is my friend Jeremiah’s wishlist), and then click the “send as gift” link from their wishlist (this way it fills in the contact info for you).

buy as gift 2

I also like adding “#MetalBandcampgiftclub” to the “Send a note to the band” field when making the purchase, so the band sees the love. Happy gifting!