Buying and Owning Music is Still a Good Idea in 2020

Some good bits of wisdom from this article, ‘Prepper-style music hoarding,’ by Tom MacWright.

The best place to buy music is Bandcamp. It’s fair to bands and customers. They have a real and sustainable business model. They do essentially everything right: it’s easy to download music in a variety of formats, you can re-download tracks if you lose them, and you can stream music too.

I remember becoming frustrated with managing my iTunes collection, especially when Rdio (hah, remember that site?), had everything ordered perfectly, with all the proper artwork and release dates. But like Tom points mentions, what happens when (not if) a label or distributor pulls their catalog?

Will it become the opposite of streaming now? Where you have to subscribe to certain services to have access to exclusive content, but even more gross? What happens when one of your favorite labels is only on Spotify, but you’re an Apple Music user?

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We’re Still Swirling

“The dinner table isn’t that big, and everyone’s trying to get a place to sit. But in this super-niche Bandcamp wishlist group, to see these albums selling is amazing. The bands see it, the labels see it, the person who designed the album cover might see it—it just keeps swirling.”

From our interview with Bandcamp back in 2016, talking about how Metal Bandcamp Gift Club got its start.

That was posted on January 14th, 2016 – just over four years ago!

We just want to see bands continue to exist, to release music, to tour. There’s a lot of ugliness in the world today, but that’s even more reason to embrace and support this music, and all the people involved. It’s culture, it’s art, and we can’t lose that.


Stream It a Lot? Buy It.

Helpful advice from Inlander:

Nowhere else in life do we consume without giving something back. You pay the local baker for bread. You pay the local brewery for beer. You even pay Fred Meyer for socks. Why shouldn’t you pay a fair price for that 10-song album that’s already given you hours of enjoyment and promises more to come? It’s a small price to pay to not only support the artist, but to show appreciation for their craft. (But not as small as what Spotify pays per stream.)

For me, Ithaca’sThe Language Of Injury,’ ‘Under the World‘ from VOWWS, and ‘
Victor Jara – Duerme, Duerme Negrito (Billy Caso Edit)‘ by Billy Caso are purchases I’ve made because I streamed them well over five times.

To many #MetalBandcampgiftclub fans, a lot of the advice from ‘In 2020, be sure to support the people and places that soundtrack our lives‘ is pretty obvious, but it’s always good to read an article like this, just to reinforce our support of the music we love!

I Hope You Suffer Podcast Supports Relief Efforts in Australia

From now until January 20th, the I Hope You Suffer podcast will take the profits from the ‘Tales From The Crypt’ bonus episode on Bandcamp and donate them to relief efforts in Australia. 

If you’re into horror, check out their full list of episodes and listen to some good folks talking about bad movies.



Donate Gear to your Local Girls Rock Camp

neatoIn the corner of my room was my unused bass. Sitting in its gig bag, it gathered dust. It wasn’t doing anything for anyone.

So I donated it to Lehigh Valley Girls Rock, a great organization that is “dedicated to empowering girls, women, and trans & nonbinary folks through music and art.”

In the same way that buying albums for absolute strangers feels nice, giving away unused equipment feels great, too. Sure, maybe I’ll use it again someday, but in the meantime, that donation creates energy and enthusiasm for everyone involved.

I walked away feeling good, and the program director was stoked, too.

If you’ve got some equipment laying around that you aren’t using, reach out to your local music camp and see if they could use it. They might even sell it and use the money, which is great, too.

Maybe you’re active in your local music scene; talk to that local org and see what they need. Those rock camps need food, equipment, supplies; you and your trusty band might be able to gather up a bunch of those things, and that could be a huge help!


Metal Bands and Fans Helping with the Fire Relief Efforts in Australia

ampMetallica has pledged $500,000, Ice Nine Kills is donating all profits from a limited edition shirt, and Fit For An Autopsy* raised over $6,000 to help with the tragedy in Australia.

If electronic music is your thing (as a metalhead I can definitely appreciate some electronic music from time to time), Resident Advisor has a big list of artists who are raising money to help.

The Amity Affliction* are from Australia, and donating money via their label and their own webstore:

I’m definitely missing a bunch of others, so if you know of anyone else donating money via their music, art, or anything else, please let me know!

* I work for Atom Splitter PR who does publicity for these bands, but this post was written 100% independently of my affiliation.

Knocked Loose Raised almost $10,000 for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

knocked loose

Knocked Loose donated almost $10,000 to Kentucky’s Center for Women and Families, in memory of Tiffany Tomerlin. They raised the money by offering a special edition shirt through their website back in October, 2019.

This blew our expectations out of the water. We are so grateful for any and every one that helped by purchasing or sharing the post, you helped spread awareness on a topic that often is forgotten and it will impact so many. From every single one of us, thank you!

knocked loose shirt


Don’t ever believe there’s no money out there for things like this. With so much marketing and advertising and media in the world it’s hard to keep up. Never feel guilty when you see a fundraiser going on and you can’t lend any support. That just means today you can’t. Maybe next week you’ll be able to help, or next month. There’s always going to be a need, and you can help when the time is right!

2019 In Review

ampSince October we’ve added about 25 people to the Birthday Club list, bringing our list to over 105 people. Still not a part of the club? Click here to fix that!

The freshly launched #MetalBandcampgiftclub Newsletter has 67 subscribers (sign up here), and we just sent our 17th email in the last few days.

We also helped raise over $200 for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. Hoping to do lots more of that in 2020, so if you’d like to help, please get in touch.

Thanks for all your support since 2016!

Thank you, eOne Heavy!

ampOur thanks to eOne Heavy* for sponsoring the email newsletter today (you can see it here). They’ve had some killer releases this year including Creeping Death, Toxic Holocaust, Lord Dying, Enterprise Earth, The Contortionist, and tons more! Check out all their recent releases on Bandcamp.

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