Include a Message to the Band

neatoYou probably already know how to gift someone an album, but you can be a real #MetalBandcampgiftclub ninja, and let the band know about this cult of birthday giving. It’s real easy, and I bet it could lead to more people knowing about this crazy little thing we started a few years ago.

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Mouse over any album in someone’s Wishlist (this happen to be Jacob “Beardy” Russell’s wishlist), and you’ll see three options:

Wishlist – this adds it to your own wishlist
Buy Now – Buy it and add it to your collection
Send As Gift – Click this to send the album as a gift.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.54.35 PM Note the “Include a message to The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer….” text – that sends a note to the band via email.

include a message

I like throwing in the Metal Bandcamp Gift Club URL, just in case the band wanted to check out why an album is getting gifted. Maybe they’ll Tweet about it, and more people will discover this little gift club, which would only lead to more albums being gifted (and bands making money).

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Battles, ‘Fort Greene Park’

From the YouTube description, “‘Fort Greene Park’ video is a love letter to New York City.”

Giving is living.

At their stage in their careers, this is the video they made. Why not? Get a bunch of people together, be silly, and hopefully no one crashes and scuffs their knees.

Music videos cost money. Time. Resources. But it creates an experience, both in the moment and four years from now when someone stumbles upon this video.

I hope that mission continues with #MetalBandcampgiftclub  – we are opening our wallets and sending gifts to people we might not know, and bands and labels around the world are benefiting from it. Probably without even realizing it.

#MetalBandcampgiftclub Slack Channel

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Not everyone is on Twitter, so it’s high time we’ve all got someplace to hang out and chat about the music we love.

(Slack is an online place for real-time chat that can be accessed via the web and on mobile devices)

The #MetalBandcampgiftclub Slack Channel will be a home for talking about giving music, supporting artists, and new (and old) music discoveries. While other topics may come up, we hope to keep things positive, and focused on working towards good things with our love for #MetalBandcampgiftclub and everything it’s become since we started in early 2016.

If you’d like to be a part, simply email Seth for an invite: